Special Drum Programs

Health and Concentration Program for Schools

The aim of this, specifically developed music program is to inspire children, build their confidence and generate taste for learning. The health and Concentration program for Schools will assist help young people in reconnecting with learning and enjoying school.

Length of the performance - 30-60 min.

Hand drumming benefits:

  1. Improved level of focus, clarity, and concentration
  2. Enhanced memory and competence
  3. Increased focus and attention while reading or working
  4. Increased mental capacity while exercising
  5. Improved musical mindset and attitude
  6. Provides low-impact physical activity
  7. Overall health benefits
  8. Builds confidence

Programs for schools are focused on interactive learning and concentration training. Some sessions include a brief lesson on the history of drumming, its origins and cultural significance. We will play together as a group, and explore individual self-expression within a group context. You can expect the students to love the freedom of drumming, and appreciate the guidance that the facilitator provides to add discipline and structure to the activity. This program gives new meaning to the term "hands - on learning"!

Drumming for people with disability

The development of Drumming for Disability is rapidly spreading worldwide. The sessions provide major health benefits as well as providing an opportunity for fun, social interaction, improving the lives of all who participate. Disability recovery centres have reported seeing higher energy levels and a boost in moral since drumming become part of the routine.

Music therapists have long used music to connect people, especially with health problems. Unlike speech, music is processed in multiple areas of the brain. The limbic system is activated by the emotional response to music, while the elements of music, such as rhythm, pitch and melody, activate other areas of the brain.

People on later stages of Parkinson show strong responses to drumming.

We all feel better after drumming. Clinical research is now supporting this theory by undertaking studies that show the tangible benefits of drumming to health and wellbeing.

Concentration training


The Health and Concentration Drumming Program is designed to improve the focus and alertness, mental clarity, physical disabilities and concentration with fun.

The focus is to get all the patients engaged, involved and having fun, interacting with one another through drumming and rhythm. Drumming is a great way to improve concentration and listening skills and also promotes self-expression and creativity in a fun relaxed environment. Simply by playing special games in drum circle:

  1. Improve level of focus, clarity, and concentration
  2. Enhance memory and thinking speed
  3. Increase focus and attention while reading or working
  4. Improve concentration
  5. Get into a mental Zone while exercising

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