Drum Classes for Kids and Adults

Our drum lessons are conducted for individuals and small groups at 3 levels:

  • Introductory
  • Beginners
  • Advanced

We invite children from 4 years and adults - virtually of any age - to explore the world of percussion and learn to play drums. Drum lessons at DrumWiz are always fun. There is no pressure and everyone can develop drumming skills at their own pace.

Drums for Corporate Events

Benefits of using drums at corporate events are well known. Invite us to your:

  • conference
  • management training
  • leadership courses
  • social functions

Improve the productivity of office workers, increase the levels of focus and concentration, help to maintain concentration for longer periods of time.

Special Drum Programs

In past 10 years DrumWiz Studio developed several special drum programs to help people suffering from various medical and other conditions. Some of them include:

  • Drumming Therapy for Elderly
  • Drum Workshop for Concentration Training
  • Drum Circles for Kids
  • Drumming Therapy to Fight Addiction

Proven by science and experience results!

"Awesome progress"

Joshua achieved awesome results just in 3 months. He can play drums now along with his favourite bands"


"Success of team building"

It all was unexpected when DrumWiz guys gave us a task to play various drums to the tune. Energy was flowing!

Simple Issue, Karen

"Patients - happy"

When DrumWiz Studio brought Drum Therapy program to our nursing home I wasn't very positive. The result smashed all expectations! Patients - happy!


"Drum Universe"

Christina is so happy! Igor opened the Drum Universe for her. She plays less on computer, more drumming!


"Ice - broken!"

This drum program helped to run a fantastic conference. Just in 5 minutes teh ice was broken.


"Concentration levels - up"

Just after 4 sessions of drum program we noticed that concentration level of students went up.

Mrs Jackson